News / August 2010 Newsletter

This newsletter is primarily to keep members of the Morar community up to date with progress and also to ensure that local people can have an input to the work of the Trust.

Draft Design of the Pavilion in the Playing Field

Architect John Renshaw created the design which was presented to the community last Friday 30th July by Andrea Fox. She has been working with him on this project. It was good to see some local people who came to view it; though not the number we had hoped for. Councillor Bill Clark came from Fort William to view it and liked what he saw.

More interest was shown on Games Day where the design was on display at our stall and quite a few came to have a look, including MP Charles Kennedy, Councillor Alan Henderson and MSP Dave Thomson.

We were also interviewed by the Oban Times, so watch out for the story on page 3 this Thursday 5th!

From Monday the display may be viewed in the Mallaig & Morar Community Centre over the next few weeks. Please give us your comments on the feedback forms; we need to know whether the community is supportive and would like a lot of input.

The feedback form that you receive with this newsletter can be handed in to Ginger or to any of the directors.

Youth room

In the original design we had asked John to put in a Youth room. But as there is such a small number of youth in Morar we cannot justify a space allocated to youth. We would also have to find funding for a youth worker. As there are Youth Clubs and a Youth Development worker in Mallaig we thought to use this space for the whole community rather than one small group.

However, older youth could still come in to the cafe or book the cafe for a night.


This will be the space previously indicated as youth room. A few comfortable couches could be placed here and a display area for Tourists as well as local Arts & Crafts.


The roof shown on the flyer as proposal 1 will not be used; it will be the roof of proposal 2. As to material and shape nothing is definite yet. Advice and comments are most welcome.

Demolition of the old hall

The trust has had a survey done to establish the kind of asbestos and its location. It is white asbestos and located in the roof and eaves only. Cost of the survey was £846 and paid by the Trust.

Keith Elwell has obtained quotes for the removal of the asbestos and the rest of the building. They amount to £17,000. We have been trying to source funding for this but up to now have not been successful.

Thank You

We would like to say a big thank you€ to all who helped in any way to raise money for the Pavilion in our stall at the Mallaig & Morar Highland Games. We made £922 !!

Thanks to people who donated, baked, cooked, manned the stall, set up and cleared up. A special thanks to children Ida, Cian and Corinne for their help and to Hilary for her time and effort in displaying the design and talk to anyone who came to view it.

Well done to all!

Join In

This project is proving to be a really exciting opportunity for local people to determine how their environment and quality of life in the Morar area is improved for everybody in the community. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any comments on the issues in this newsletter or you would like to be involved in the Morar Community Trust. New members are always welcome, please get in touch!