News / Autumn 2012 Newsletter

Morar Gala Day

Morar Gala Day was held on a beautiful sunny day on 4th of June. The theme for the day was ‘Queens and Kings’ and, as you will see in the photo below, there are quite a few beautiful Queens and a handsome King in Morar.

A ‘Fancy Dress’ parade was held to really show off all the finery; Helen and Sandy MacVarish, whom were invited as independent judges to choose three winners, had a hard task at hand. After long discussions the winners were announced as follow:

  1. Daniel Boyce
  2. Tilly MacDonald
  3. Emma McDonnell
Congratulations to winners and well done everyone for making the day a very fancy occasion.

Races held for both the children and the more aged added that extra bit of fun on the day; even the mums and dads seemed to enjoy taking part.

All winners were awarded a real medal by Eleanor Read, who together with Pam MacDonald had guided the races and games throughout the day. Thank you ladies, your help was invaluable. Donation from the Morar Community Council helped the Trust to pay for the medals, bunting and insurance. Thank you for the contribution.

There were plenty of refreshments available, thanks to the barbecue held by the Coastguard and the Trust’s Tea Tent. The Tea Tent raised nearly £300 towards next year’s Gala Day. Audrey MacEachen raised close to £50 for the Gardening Group by holding a plant stall.

To give everyone the chance to feel as a Queen or a King for few hours the Trust held a ‘Slave Auction’. Phil Hunkin, as the auctioneer, auctioned ‘slaves’ with special talents such as cooking, gardening and ironing, a Guided Fishing Tour on Loch Morar and a Manicure Session. The directors hope that all those who purchased a slave got their pounds worth. If not, please get in touch with us so we can rectify any distress caused to the ‘owner’.

A special thank you to all helpers and congratulations to all the winners:

The Gardening Group

The Gardening Group, first of all, would like to say thank you to all the ladies from Morar WRI for their donation. This donation with the funds raised during the Gala Day allowed the Gardening Group to buy soil and plants for flowering tubs which were then positioned within the boundaries of the village. These tubs along with Sonia Cameron's at the Morar Station really brightened up the place. Hopefully these (and eventually hanging baskets too) will become a permanent feature of the village.

The volunteers have done a fabulous job looking after the tubs during the hot summer days. Even the occasional wee Sika Deer and the sheep wondering around the village have had the courtesy to leave most our flowers alone.

In order to minimise the overall costs of soil needed for the tubs, the Gardening Group is looking into a small-scale community composting scheme. The soil produced through composting could then be used for the tubs/hanging baskets and hopefully even for the use of other keen gardeners. To get an idea of different composting schemes available, Gemma, Keith and Tiina had the opportunity to visit various sites in Glencoe. The visit, organised by the Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG), was very informative and inspiring.

Following the visit, the Trust has decided to hold an open ‘Composting’ day on the 2nd February at the Lady Lovat Primary School. This will be organised together with LEG and will provide information on food waste, how to reduce the waste and what different composting solutions are available. To raise funds for the Gardening Group there will also be soup/tea/coffee and cakes on offer. This information day is open to everyone. The Trust would like to encourage all members to attend and raise their views regarding community composting. Posters will be displayed in the village closer the time, however, please don't hesitate to contact Gemma (462876) or Tiina (462230) for more information.

Morar and Mallaig Highland Games

Morar and Mallaig Highland Games was yet again a great day for socialising with visitors, friends and members of the Trust. Even though the weather was not the best (well, this can be debatable as the occasional rain kept the midges away) the day went by almost as quickly as the soup and sandwiches were digested. Luckily one of our volunteers lived ‘just at the top of the hill’ so our supplies didn't quite dry out. Thank you Audrey for supplying more soup before we managed to blink an eye.

In total we raised nearly £1000. The funding pot for demolishing the old Morar Hall is truly getting fuller.


AGM took place in front of a cosy fire in the Morar Hotel lounge on Tuesday 2nd October. It was great to see a good turnout from the members of the Trust. Discussions ranged from the demolition of the old Morar Village Hall, the progress of our path project and how to increase (and maintain) the Trust's income. The overall feedback regarding our current projects was very positive.

We are pleased to announce that Mairi MacLean accepted her nomination and was elected to join the board of directors. Keith Elwell and Gemma van der Zanden stood down as directors; luckily they were available for unanimous re-election; they will however retire from the position before end of next year. The Trust requires a minimum of five directors on the board to ensure its continuity, thus we will be looking for new directors in due course. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to put a nomination forward on behalf of yourself or another member.

Morar Community 200 Club

Morar Community 200 Club continues to bring in regular income for the Trust and provides a little bit of extra pounds to some of the lucky members' pockets each month. Along with this the club holds an extra draw twice a year; so there are quite a few chances to win throughout the year.

Following Audrey MacEachen's retirement Anna Cornelius has stepped in and is now the promoter of the 200 Club. All the hard work Audrey put in setting up and promoting the club was much appreciated by us all.

It is never too late to join the club and anyone can; to do so please get in touch with Anna (462720) or e-mail

Congratulations to all 200 Club winners, whom are:

The winner of the special draw was Eleanor Read.

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night has truly taken off as a regular event. This year the community got it all together, without much help from the Trust, and organised the wood and the men to run the show. This truly shows that Morar spirit is very much alive. Thank you!

This year was extra special as we even had Guy Fox, made by Fraser, at the top. Thank you to superstar Fraser. Unfortunately no picture was available of the Guy, he missed the photo shoot.

The not-so-good weather was soon forgotten when the home baked sweets, yummy food and mulled wine was brought out, the fireworks whizzing up the sky and the big roaring fire giving off its heat. What a good night yet again.

The Building Group

The Building Group is currently looking into the possibility of creating an employment opportunity for a Project Manager. This would be a short-term, part-time position solely working on issues relating to the old Morar Village Hall, its demolition and landownership. If anyone has any objections to this position being created or would like more information please contact Tiina (462230) or Keith (460216).

Action Plan

Action Plan has now been revised; the new plan is available to be viewed at the Mallaig Service Point/Library, our website or a copy can be requested from any of the directors.