News / March 2010 Newsletter

This newsletter is primarily to keep members of the Morar community up to date with progress and also to ensure that local people can have an input to the work of the Trust.

Update on the Pavilion in the Playing Field

As previously mentioned in West Word the Trust secured funding last summer for the first phase of the project, which is the Feasibility Study and Design of the Pavilion.

However, the architect could not proceed until issues regarding the access road to the site were resolved. For the last two years we have been trying to sort out these issues. Last December we were finally getting somewhere and we asked architect John Renshaw from Edinburgh to start his work.

We have had a recent visit from him and a very productive meeting followed with most directors and two members of the Building Group present.

He had done the preparatory work on services, obtained and analysed site maps of water, electric and drainage systems on and around the site and done an assessment of how the existing services may affect the plans for the building. He had also looked at the boundaries of the site and the access road to it. Drawings were sent to the Planning and Road Departments for approval.

John presented us with two draft designs of the Pavilion, both of which we discussed. We then asked him to start further work on the most appealing scheme. He needs clarification and action on some points that we are at present pursuing.

In April we will have another meeting with John. When the draft design is at a further stage the Trust will organise an “open” consultation with the members on the design before it is submitted to Planning.

Demolition of Old Morar Hall

The Trust is taking on the demolition of the old village hall in Morar. Since about a decade the hall has not been in use because of asbestos in the building. We are in the process of getting a survey done in order to identify how much asbestos is present and where it is located. We can then obtain quotes from companies that are registered for asbestos removal. However, for the actual demolition no funding is in place yet and not available from Highland Council or any other organisation. Everyone can help though by supporting our fundraising events or lending a hand.

Upcoming Events

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 17 April at 11.30 in the Playing Field for all children up to 11 years of age. Decorate your own egg and hunt for the yummy chocolate eggs! Small games also organised. Entry £1.50, Coffees and teas will be available. Welcome to all!

Day of Shinty in June

We plan to organise some shinty matches in the Field sometime in June for children as well as adults. Anyone who is interested or can help organise these matches is most welcome! Please get in touch with one of the numbers below.


It would be great if all members could support the Trust and buy at least one calendar per family. They are now only £4 each and available at Ginger and Morar Motors – or ask one of the people listed below.


Our first AGM was held in October and if anyone wishes to see the minutes please get in touch with one of the Directors.

Join In

This project is proving to be a really exciting opportunity for local people to determine how their environment and quality of life in the Morar area is improved for everybody in the community. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any comments on the issues in this newsletter or you would like to be involved in the Morar Community Trust. New members are always welcome, please get in touch!