News / Spring 2012 Newsletter


The AGM was held on Saturday 24th September at Lady Lovat Primary School in Morar.

Two of the directors, Gemma van der Zanden and Mairi MacLean, decided to stand down this year. Gemma was available for re-election, whereas Mairi felt she was ready to retire. All the directors would like to say a big thank-you to both Gemma and Mairi for all the hard work they have put in over the years. Moreover, we would like to say a special thank you to Mairi for sharing her knowledge of a wide range of issues and for her belief that Morar community spirit is still there, it just needs a bit of a spark. Your enthusiasm and passion, Mairi, has pushed the Trust forwards a long way.

New directors were nominated during the AGM and are, from the back:

Unfortunately Eleanor Read – Director, missed the photo opportunity.

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night was a great night as the clouds shifted the rain and cleared the sky for the stars, and for all the fun that a bonfire night has to offer; good company by a big fire, (endless display of) fireworks, nibbles and children's imaginative show of sparklers.

It was good to see so many, from all the age groups, out and about. There will definitely be yet another bonfire next November, so please make a note in the calendar now so you don’t miss it.

A big thank you goes to all those who brought some nibbles, refreshments, fireworks and sparklers. Extra special thank you goes to Richard Nicolson who organized the first and bulkiest bits for the fire, to John Fothergill for making sure the fire was lit and burnt safely and to Iain Barrie for the photos (which can be viewed on our photos page).

Morar Community 200 Club

The Morar Community 200 Club’s first draw took place in October. Since then, the Club has taken off quite successfully and continues to generate funds towards demolition of the Old Hall, Morar in Bloom and other activities which will benefit the community as a whole.

We really appreciate those who have already joined this club. It's never too late to join though; to do so please get in touch.

Winners of the 200 Club to date are as follow:

Morar Website

Our website is live again after few changes and upgrades. On this site you will find information ranging from where we are, what is going on in the community (events/news), contact details to local businesses and places to visit in the area etc. It’s a great site for both locals and visitors.

We want to say thank you to our local young web designer Thomas Clulow who is doing a great job looking after it.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is another great way to find more information about our community and to keep in touch with people from around the world who may have lived or visited the area, or who may want to visit the area one day. We would like to encourage with a Facebook account to     the Morar Community Trust (MCT) page and participate in keeping the page live and active; it would be great to see some comments and stories of our area on the page.

Pancake Fun Day

Pancake Fun Day was exactly as the name suggests, a fun day with pancakes.

This short event gave adults the opportunity to sit and chat over a cup of tea/coffee/pancakes while the children joined in with games and activities. There were lots of giggles when the children tried to compete over whose pancakes flipped around the most and the highest.

The aim of this event was to raise funds for both the Trust and Lady Lovat Primary School.

Thank you to everyone who provided the yummy pancakes and cakes and to the ladies behind the counter serving them.

Working Groups

Working groups have started up again and are taking baby steps towards completing some of the actions from the Trust’s Action Plan.

The Gardening Group

The Gardening Group is currently busy preparing to promote ‘Morar in Bloom’ during the summer season. This involves putting up hanging baskets and placing tubs within the village and establishing a core group of volunteers to look after them. All we need now is the warmth and summer sun to help us brighten up our village. This group is also planning to investigate the possibility of getting a community composting scheme in place.

The contact person for the Gardening Group is Gemma (Phone Number: 462876).

The Building Group

The Building Group will continue to try and secure funding from external agencies for the demolition of the old Morar Hall. The main difficulty currently faced is that there aren’t many companies or organisations that want to support a standalone demolition project. However, we do believe that we will reach our next biggest milestone; the old hall, which is the eyesore in our village, will come down sooner than later. When it does, the ‘Building Group’ will help in organising the demolition.

This group will also continue to find a solution for the access issues connected to the proposed multifunctional building on the Playing Field.

The contact person for the Building Group is Keith (Phone Number: 460216).

The Business and Tourism Group

The Business and Tourism Group is promoting local businesses and tourism opportunities within Morar and the wider area. Currently the group is compiling a list of local businesses who would like to include their contact details on our website; a link to the businesses’ own website can also be included.

In addition to promoting through our website the group is investigating possibilities for expanding promotion opportunities further afield.

The contact person for the Business and Tourism Group is Anna (Phone Number: 462702).

Health and Safety Group

The Health and Safety Group ensures health and safety procedures are followed at all times during social and fundraising events organised by the Trust.

This group will also work in partnership with all relevant agencies during disasters (such as the last December storms) helping them in any way it can to ensure our overall safety is maintained at all times, and that the residents are kept informed of all safety issues.

The contact person for the Health and Safety Group is Eleanor (Phone Number: 460007).

The Fundraising Group

The Fundraising Group has already been working hard over the years to raise funds for the community and the Trust. All the directors want to say a big THANK YOU to all our bakers and helpers.

We really value your support without which the Trust would not be able to continue to raise funds for the demolition of the old Morar Hall or any other activities.

At times it may seem that nothing is happening and all the hard work may be wasted; but rest assured, the funding pot is slowly but surely getting fuller.

The contact person for the Fundraising Group is Tiina (Phone Number: 462230). However, as this group bridges all the working groups together, any of the directors may be contacted for more information, suggestions and/or comments.

Future Plans

Future plans include holding an open meeting and to conduct a survey which will establish local residents’ view of renewable energy schemes; in particular the view of a scheme that would benefit the whole community.

Morar Gala Day

Morar Gala Day , which was held around 20 years ago, was a fun event for the whole of the community. To re-inject life into the old community spirit the Trust is planning to hold the Gala Day once again on 4th of June. Some of the games will include welly tossing, alternative highland dancing, obstacle course amongst other fun activities.

The theme for the event will be ‘Queens and Kings’, to respect the Queen's Jubilee and the extra day off. As every Queen or King may at some point need a slave to help with some harder tasks we have decided to hold a ‘Slave Auction’ during the day. Our ‘slaves’ will have special talents such as taking the ‘owner’ for a guided fishing tour on Loch Morar, gardening, babysitting, dog walking etc. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to get a personal ‘slave’ for few hours.


Amendments to the Trust’s Memorandum & Articles are as follow:
“Prospective directors should have been resident in Morar for at least 2 years and have been active on behalf of the Trust for the last year”.


Membership of Morar Community Trust is open to all residents within Morar area. However, we have ‘Friends of Morar’ for those who live outwith the catchment area but who would like to support and feel part of our community. To join us, or to pass us any (positive/negative) comments, suggestion or ideas get in touch via our contact page.