News / Spring 2013 Newsletter

The Gardening Group

The Gardening Group was so inspired by last year's visit to Glencoe's community composting scheme that it decided to find out the level of interest for such a scheme in Morar. As a first step, a “Composting Day” was held in partnership with the Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG). The event, held at the Lady Lovat Primary School, offered advice and help in many issues ranging from what and how to compost, to showing various composting solutions currently on offer.

Inspiring chats and ideas were shared over a cup of tea and home baking. A questionnaire was also handed out to establish the level of interest for a community composting scheme. The outcome of this initial survey suggests that majority of those Morar residents who attended the event would support and use the scheme if there was a benefit to the community and, of course, to the wider environment.

As a follow up, the Trust is planning to organise another open day in the near future that will concentrate primarily in community composting; a day that will give everyone the opportunity to find out the positive and negative aspects of such a scheme. Furthermore, it will give us all an opportunity to state our views. To express your interest in getting involved, or for more information please contact any of the directors.

The wee daffodils blooming brightly in the flower tubs within the village remind us the spring is finally approaching. So now is a good time to start thinking about what to plant in tubs and baskets over the summer. Gemma already has some of her busy bees growing and planning where/what and when, but more help and ideas would be much appreciated. In particular, as Gemma, our ‘head gardener’ is leaving Morar for bigger pastures and adventures. She will leave a big gap in the village and especially within the Trust. Her continuous support and devotion to the Trust will be greatly missed. We all wish her the very best of luck and happiness.

Morar Community 200 Club

Morar Community 200 Club continues to bring in regular income for the Trust and provides a little bit of extra pounds to some of the lucky members’ pockets each month. Along with this the club holds an extra draw twice a year; so there are quite a few chances to win throughout the year.

Thank you to all 200 Club supporters and congratulations to all the latest winners, whom are:

Big thanks to Bill and Tom who supported our fundraising efforts by putting their winnings back into the pot. Looking at the overall list of winners, it seems that some members may either have great luck or the Club needs more support. Therefore, please note, it is never too late to join.

Pancake Fun Day

Pancake Fun Day was organised for the second year running. The cakes/scones and the freshly made crêpes were so popular that Tiina, who was supposed to be organising games for the children, got stuck in front of the cooker flipping crêpes like she was on fire. Therefore we would like to express our sincere apologies for all the children who attended. We hope you all had fun running around in the hall, colouring and drawing pictures in between eating all the yummy stuff on offer. Next year we’ll make sure there are enough helpers on hand.

We would like to say a special thank you to Mary Fergusson. She came in for a cup of tea, but ended up helping in the kitchen. Her and all the other ladies’ (and Keith’s) help made the day go smoother. Thanks also goes to all those who came and spent their pennies supporting the Trust.

The Building Group

The Building Group was earlier in the year looking into the possibility of creating an employment opportunity for a Project Manager who would help to sort out issues relating to the old Morar Village Hall, its demolition and landownership.

Only one objection regarding the position has been put forward to date. The objection stated that the Trust should not take on the demolition; the objector suggested that the Community Council should deal with it. We are taking this comment into consideration, however as the Trust was formed to improve and enhance the amenities and the wider environment within Morar we will continue to pursue the demolition with the assistance and help from the Community Council. Regarding the position of employing a Project Manager, we are still considering this opportunity, thus would encourage all residents to put their view across as soon as possible so we can plan the next step. Please forward your comments to Keith.

Path Improvements

Path improvements are shaping along fairly well. With the help and support from Angus Macintyre the first stepping stone has been reached. Previously the path to Loch a’ Bhada Dharaich followed Allt an Loin heading north on the old Woodcutters Track; the path now starts just by the pier before the bridge over the burn. Angus has placed a way-marker at the very start to direct walkers along the new stretch.

In the future it is hoped that it will create a good connecting trail between Morar and Mallaig and perhaps, if not as part of the main path, as a small tentacle of the ‘Away to the West’ path. The Trust continues to support Angus and the Steering Group with this exciting project.