News / Summer 2013 Newsletter

Mallaig and Morar Highland Games

Mallaig and Morar Highland Games proved to be yet again a great day in all aspects – an opportunity to catch up with members, friends and visitors and fundraise. The Trust made £452 towards the ‘Demolition’ funds; this was considerably less than we have made in the past few years. The main reason to this may have been the lack of helpers involved in the organisation beforehand; we’ll aim higher next year.

The Trust would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated baking, sandwiches, quiche and soup; and an extra special THANK YOU to the ladies who helped throughout the day pouring endless amounts of tea and coffee, serving all the delicious produce and to Keith Elwell for keeping an eye on the profits. Last but not least, THANK YOU Anna for taking time off from your new shop in Mallaig and making sure the Trust had the “Games Tea Tent” up and running this year. Superstar you are!

200 Club

200 Club continues going strong and keeps dishing out cash to some lucky members; the latest winners are:

Congratulations to all the winners.

The main aim of the 200 Club is to fill the ‘Demolition Fund’-pot so we could finally get the ‘Old Village Hall’ demolished. It is never too late to join the 200 Club and support the fundraising efforts.

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is slowly approaching again and will take place on Tuesday 5th November, 6:30pm at the Lovat Memorial Games Field.

To avoid last minute rush and to get the fire burning in style we would like to encourage everyone to keep a stick or two for the bonfire. These may be left by the field’s gravelled ‘car park’. The Trust would really appreciate if you would please respect the environment and only leave non-hazardous material for burning.

Drawing Competition for Children

Drawing competition for children will be organised during September to create a new ‘Bonfire Night’-logo. All children are encouraged to create a picture related to their thoughts and experience of a bonfire night. Any materials and methods are allowed to get the children’s creativity flowing. To participate in the competition, pictures can be submitted to Tiina or brought to the bonfire night on the 5th before 7:30pm. Winners will be announced on the night followed by a short prize giving ceremony.

Morar Gala Day

Morar Gala Day unfortunately had to be cancelled this year due to the persisting famous Scottish weather — the rain.

The directors of the Trust anonymously decided that for health and safety reasons it was best not to go ahead with the event; the pitch was too waterlogged and slippy.

On more positive note, a date for next year has already been set as 5th May, the early Bank Holiday. Following previous year’s event, the day will be a social community event (not a fundraising event), therefore participation will be free. To make the day more fun it will have a theme and a children’s fancy dress parade; if you have any bright ideas or suggestions please contact any of the directors. Equally if you have any suggestions for games/tournaments please get in touch with us at any time. One idea has already been mentioned: holding a local badminton competition.

For the day to be a success we are looking for willing volunteers to help organise and run some of the games. Please put your name forward as a helper.

Marquee Hire

Marquee hire is now officially available from the Trust. The marquee was out and about for the first time at the Glenfinnan Games. Following a safe return from a pleased customer we would like to extend this opportunity to other local organisations/individuals. For more information please contact Keith.

The Future of Morar Community Trust

The future of Morar Community Trust is currently very hazy. The Trust was initiated by the Morar Community Council in 2004. Following years of consultations, talks and paperwork, pushed by the ‘Morar Futures’ Steering group and Hilary Trodd, Morar Community Trust was finally established in 2008 as a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. In comparison to a Community Council this allows the Trust to own assets on the behalf of the community, generate income for the use of the wider area and apply funding from external funding sources. After all these years the Trust is finally becoming more sustainable and is generating valuable funds which are distributed towards various activities and events held in the community. A large part of the income however is saved for the main aim - the aim to demolish the ‘Old Village Hall’ and build a new tea room/community hub for the use of the residents and visitors. Unfortunately these things don’t happen overnight.

Sadly the Trust has now reached a point where the community needs to decide what the future holds. We would like to urge everyone to attend and discuss whether it is time to fold the Trust and forget about the future aims, or perhaps we would like to continue to put Morar on the map and keep the community spirit alive. The Trust would therefore like to urge everyone from the community to attend the AGM to discuss the future.

Four of the current directors are stepping down at the next AGM and will not be available for re-election. The Trust would encourage new members to step up as directors. Anyone over 18 who have lived in Morar for more than 2 years and has been a member of the Trust in the last year can become a director. If you would like to have a say and help in the decision making regarding the future of your community, now is the time to put your name forward for election. Please contact any of the current directors if you would like to know more about this exciting opportunity.

Please note that a minimum of 5 directors is required to allow the Trust to continue its work, if this is not achieved at the next AGM the Trust will automatically fold.